Heavy Duty Stairlifts

30 Stone Lift Capacity (190 Kg)

Combine quality, comfort and style with a Bruno Elite stair lift. The Elite straight and curved heavy duty stairlifts offer high-performance engineering and adjustable comfort that seamlessly blends into your home’s environment.

The straight and curved rails fit directly to the tread of the staircase, meaning no costly building works are required for installation.

A 13amp plug or spur is required for the battery charger to connect to, meaning safe low voltage cables connect your stairlift to the mains.

Delivery times are usually 1-2 weeks from point of order, and installation is quick and simple. A straight stairlift can be installed in as little as 2-3 hours.


– Handcrafted Rail
– Custom-made vertical rail delivers precision fit to
maximize open space and provide sturdy base
for ultra-smooth ride.
– Covered gear rack gives clean appearance.
– Easy-To-Use Operation
– Armrest control moves stairlift up and down.
Two wireless remote controls also included.
– Arms, seat and footrest can fold when not in use to save extra space.
– Integrated Safety
– Seat swivels up to 90° at top of stairs for safe exit.
– Obstruction sensors and retractable seatbelt further ensure safety.
– Power footrest (optional)
– Power swivel seat (optional)
– Continuously-charging batteries power stairlift even in a power outage.
– Power hinge rail (optional)
– 190kg safe working load
– 24 month office hours warranty
– Free service after 12 months
– Delivery times are usually 1-2 weeks from point of order
– Installation is quick and simple.
– A straight stairlift can be installed in as little as 2-3 hours.

For more information on heavy duty stairlifts or if you are interested in receiving a quotation please contact us.

Freefone: 0800 783 5501
Email: enquiries@dolphinliftskent.co.uk

Straight Stairlifts

Straight Stairlifts

A straight stairlift is supplied and fitted with a manual swivel seat, manual footrest link and 2 x wall mounted remote controls as standard. Optional extras include power swivel seat, powered footrest, powered hinge rail and a choice of upholstery colours.

Curved Stairlifts

Curved Stairlifts

A curved stairlift is supplied with a bespoke made to measure track, manual swivel seat, manual footrest link and two wall mounted remote controls as standard. Optional extras include power swivel seat, power footrest, power hinge and a variety of rail starts/finishes at the bottom and top.

External Stairlifts

External Stairlifts

We can install stairlifts that are designed to be fitted outside. We can supply straight and curved external stairlifts and will also provide any building works required to install the stairlift.


Platform lifts

Platformlift & steplift solutions, for homes, public spaces, and everywhere in between. Can be installed indoors and outdoors.

Heavy Duty Stairlifts

Heavy duty Stairlifts

The 190kg safe working load straight and curved Bruno stairlifts are the highest weight limit stairlifts that are available. The standard features and optional extras of all new straight and curved stairlifts apply to heavy duty stairlifts.



Our homelifts are an alternative solution to a stairlift. They can be fitted with a fold up seat, grab rails and wall mounted remote controls. Seated and wheelchair models are available in a variety of sizes. Full height doors allow a carer/parent to travel with the user for added safety.

Just to say thanks for your input to my parents stair lift...

"It was a life saver, and continues to make a big difference, especially the remote control aspect. Regards..
Nico R.

Dear Matt,

"Thank you very much for the excellent service from yourself and Neil.”
Carol B

Dear Sir, Yesterday, I was fortunate to have a stairlift installed

"I'm absolutory delighted! I cannot believe what a difference it has made to my life. The engineer (Neil) worked so hard on a hot, humid day in my tiny hall with poor access; he wasn't even able to park very close. No mess, excellent work. Thank you so much. Kind regards.”
Janet W

Thank you for the installation of the stairlift for my parents.

"Despite the inclement weather they were very impressed by how the fitter (Neil?) managed to keep everything dry and clean and also by his speed and efficiency whilst doing the job. They are now getting used to using the equipment. I was allowed my first ride last weekend and am almost jealous! It will be a great asset to them and will relieve my concern about their ability to go up and down stairs safely. Many thanks to you all.”
Mrs S.

Many thanks for dealing with my Mother's stair lift situation so swiftly.

"Mrs H and Mrs V have given it their seal of approval and and tell me that it will serve her well! In times of stress is is nice to know that there are still firms out there that deal with situations in such a professional manner. Thank you once again. ”
Judith Y

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